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NOW, THESE POINTS OF DATA - Make a beautiful line. And we're out of beta.

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sammyred8 - May 24, 2010, 5:15 pm
So I'm GLaD. I got burned.
kenny - May 29, 2009, 1:17 pm
We're releasing on time.


TAGS: if your mattress is over 8 quit b****ing and be glad it aint a dirt mound
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TheTrashHeap - June 22, 2010, 3:50 pm
I suppose that will have to do.
Faceplant31 - June 22, 2010, 3:42 pm
Well we got Timmies who play with their hoses all day and ten we got MO who swim with the fishes or does what ever the coast guard does. Do those count?
TheTrashHeap - June 22, 2010, 3:40 pm
Now we just need a Fireman and a waterman!
TheTrashHeap - June 22, 2010, 2:41 pm
Dirtman for the win!
Airman - June 22, 2010, 2:39 pm
I had a dirt nap at Cheyenne Frontier Days.. but that was self induced.
TheTrashHeap - June 22, 2010, 2:39 pm
Whenever I lose perspective I just go through Haarakkon's posters for a de-motivational refresher. This reminds me of his work. Keep it up.
Cubbybear - June 22, 2010, 2:36 pm
I call it roughin' it. 5/5
Faceplant31 - June 22, 2010, 2:33 pm
Thanks buddy. I like going for the slap in the face feeling rather than the ROR! Thanks again.
TheTrashHeap - June 22, 2010, 2:14 pm
I love it! It's a true de-motivational poster. Exactly what this site needs more of. 5L

SPAAAAAAAAAACE - ...is the place!


FRUITCAKE - literally

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Derek - March 11, 2010, 1:24 am
Ohhh Gladiator, in Germania. Good one Yeo.



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MissPriss - December 10, 2012, 10:37 pm
Your mama! Kidding Greeny...your sista! Thanks for the look see.
Greeny - December 10, 2012, 9:32 pm
Hey, who's the gal with the greeny mask?
MissPriss - December 10, 2012, 1:48 pm
Well Gary ya know what they say...you can pick your friends but not your family teehee. Thanks for the comment.
MissPriss - December 10, 2012, 1:46 pm
Handsome beast instead he! Thanks ug!
GaryO - December 10, 2012, 8:29 am
Hey, that is NOT my good side….and not sayin’ anything about Greeny and Jammy……., makes me feel better about the people that say they are my family though (pengy looks so typical, nice) 5L
ughomer - December 10, 2012, 7:45 am
Prissy ~ always wondered what a full-body view of GaryO would look like! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

DOUBLE MEANINGS - Honey, I'm going fishing and I'm not coming home until I catch something

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spindle - June 25, 2011, 1:08 pm
Pilot test of Obama care.
Ding - January 26, 2011, 12:58 pm
I think dysentry is favourable to what else she might find in there...
tellitlikeitis - January 26, 2011, 12:31 pm
Like a bit of dysentery?

THAT THING - Probably some kind of raw sewage container.

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pzykosiz - May 19, 2011, 7:41 pm
just a tip, best not to go with video game references unless they're really well known
rubikscubeguy238 - May 19, 2011, 7:32 pm
(hint: portal reference)

AS THEY BURNED - It hurt because I was so happy for you

AND TORE ME TO PEICES - and threw every peice into a fire

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Velin - November 28, 2008, 8:13 am
Tunel bait? :-D I love this game... and adore the ending

GLADOS - You broke my heart and killed me

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murderblade - January 14, 2009, 12:58 am
glados? isn't that a made up word? like clitorous.